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AKAVEIL Technologies LLC Recognized by Clutch

AKAVEIL Technologies LLC Recognized by Clutch as a Leading IT Services Companies in New Jersey AKAVEIL Technologies LLC provides IT services such as CRM consulting, Cloud consul...


Ransomware Attacks in Healthcare: Security Tips to Secure Your Organization’s Data

The outbreak of COVID-19 has put cyberattacks on healthcare providers into hyperdrive. Factors contributing to such attacks include, but aren’t limited to: Decentralized busines...


Digital Transformation – New Technologies to Improve Processes

Business and IT Cadence There is no refuting, the internet has forever changed the way we live, work and conduct business. Innovation has brought the IoT (Internet of Things), d...


How To Create Quick Parts and Distribution Lists in Microsoft Outlook

Gain Efficiency in Microsoft Outlook It’s easy to get started with Microsoft Outlook for the basics. However, it is important to explore software deeper to take advantage of the...


Secure Your Accounts Using App-Based Authentications

In my blog Your Pa$$word doesn’t matter (, I laid out the key pass...


The IT Sourcing Model Considerations

What is IT Sourcing and Why Is It Important? Strategic decisions for the IT service portfolio must include how the services will be executed operationally. This will lead to a d...