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Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure

The adoption of Cloud Computing has expanded in recent years. The days when businesses would purchase physical hardware and
task infrastructure teams with building servers aren’t quite finished yet, but platforms like Microsoft Azure are making it easier than
ever to provision servers and computing services with just a few mouse clicks. 
Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that
provides over 600 services, with offerings such as SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a
Service), and supports numerous programming languages and tools.


Our engineers have extensive Azure experience with organizations just like yours!


The IT landscape is continually shifting and to help your business keep abreast of technological developments you need a platform that makes adapting easy. Microsoft Azure allows this from a centralized dashboard. With Azure, we can provision various Windows or Linux instances which gives your business real flexibility regarding the applications it can run and support.

No Hardware Maintenance

One of the most significant advantages gained by migrating your infrastructure to Microsoft Azure; it effectively outsources all hardware and platform maintenance to AKAVEIL Technologies CSP (Cloud Service Provider). It allows you to focus on business growth and solving real business problems.

How can AKAVEIL Technologies CSP benefit your business?

Is your business ready to take the next step? AKAVEIL Technologies can help!


  • Cost savings with AKAVEIL Technologies CSP
  • Scripts to automate system shutdown and restart on client demand or during business hours
  • Savings reflect drastically on Azure Compute
  • Direct Channel Contact with Microsoft support team
  • Around the clock support team ready to assist

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 services encompass all a business needs to succeed. Its services provide unmatched resilience utilizing a global infrastructure. Your company moves with you anywhere in the world. Save your data with confidence. Office 365 ensures your company data at rest meets data residency requirement and regulations (i.e. GDPR). Your company data will be secure and compliance driven. Office 365 is bundled with all of Microsoft’s legendary professional software; Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, latest Office suite of products, and the list goes on. Submit any query for consultation and learn how we can leverage these incredible tools to build and establish the future of your business.

SharePoint Online

The file server is dead, and has been stifled by limitations, permission constraints, and cumbersome (or lack thereof) collaboration tools. With SharePoint Online, all company created content is propelled to new heights. Company data can be organized, stored, secured, and shared. Instant file access is a key pillar to any successful business’s daily operations. With SharePoint Online, you can organize data your way. Gone, are the days of files and folders buried deep within the trenches. Get comfortable with SharePoint search, to quickly pull up data for easy access. Leverage next level sharing and define simple to advanced permissions structures to all data. Coupled with data compliances, your business’s internal and external communications are under control. What else can SharePoint services offer your business? Reach out for more information and setup a free demo with our team! We’re ready for you!

Microsoft Teams & Office 365 business collaboration tools help everyone succeed.

Use Case: Educational Environment

Microsoft Teams is the all-encompassing Office 365 collaboration tool! Build and design curricula for intense student collaboration. Leverage Teams ever going add-ons to set the standard for your school’s technology integration practices. Build rubric based assignments for a single pane of glass grading solution. Encourage student communication and collaboration through classroom channels and OneNote Staff and Classroom Notebooks. Want more? Utilize Microsoft School. School Data Sync helps to automate the process of importing and synchronizing Student Information System (SIS) data with Office 365. With SDS, streamline the process of creating Office365 groups, and class teams. All with full SSO (single sign on integrations). Easily integrate SDS with your current SIS through advanced API’s. We are here to evaluate and consult your schools ever growing needs. Let us help you cultivate and learn with your staff and student body!

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