Consulting services begin when we meet. We are listening and learning about your needs to provide the best possible advice to be of assistance. Once we understand, we will propose possible consulting services to target the indicated results.

IT Self Assessment Quiz
Do you feel protected and prepared to make your company productive and successful? Our self-analysis quiz can help you identify where your company may have IT gaps.

Consulting Services

A tailored set of consulting services will be part of any solutions package and sometimes consulting alone is all that is required. Whereas products are tangible purchases, consulting utilizes the talent and expertise of people.


Project Management

Often overlooked by many service providers, besides technical expertise, additional skills will need to be applied along with deployment. This area will ensure coordination, communication, scheduling, conflict resolution, expenditure tracking and quality controls for the customer. Project management ensures the translation of information in a technical or non-technical manner depending on the audience to set expectations accurately and ensure customer satisfaction.

Per diem IT engineer

Guess what? You may not be able to do it all yourself! Don’t worry we are here for you. Whether you need supplemental staff short term or long term, we assess the needs to allocate the best skill set on a per diem basis. The contract could be short term: for a project, a time of employee churn, or to backfill while your team members are on leave. It can also be a long-term contract where our resource(s) becomes integrated as part of your regular team.


Deployments are services from the receipt of the product to its final implementation in production. Inventory tagging, building, configuration, testing and installation are the common tasks. Whether software, hardware, on premise, public or private cloud, these services will be required. Let us be your IT team or complement your existing team to perform this work with precision and expertise.



Baseline current state. The assessment may relate to people, process or tools / technologies. The goal is to capture information that can be used as inputs into other areas below.

Gap Analysis

Gap analysis is the difference between the current
state and the desired future state. This becomes the rationale for recommendations.


You never think you need documentation until you actually do need it. Stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s network documentation, policy, process, procedures, technical notes and more. We can assist. As part of a solution, documentation is typically included.

Strategic Planning

Many options and directions exist. Your executive team will need reliable, accurate objective and open-minded advice. Let us be your trusted advisors!! The obvious path may be the only thing known. The road most traveled is not always the best. We will show you all the options (or roads).

Process and Improvement

Enterprise quality and maturity should be the goal of any business. Process is a fundamental part of every department including that of IT. To build a technical solution we need to understand what you will use it for and how you need to use (process). In IT there are best practices for process that should be followed. We have expertise in this area. Make IT better – that’s how we work. If you have an IT department or team, we can assist in this area.

Recommendations and Roadmaps

We require quality in the present, but with an eye to the future. Continual improvement is the mantra of business and any organization for that matter. Change is the new norm. Precise actions to be taken from the current state to achieve the desired end state must be clearly identified, discussed and approved to maintain quality and alignment.


Unlike an assessment, an audit determines if something is performing against a norm or standard. Types of audits may include:

Process – Are people following the process? Is the process automation setup correctly?

Security – Are policies, process and procedures being followed?

Patching / reboots – Is this happening the way it is supposed to?

System monitoring  – Are you monitoring what you think you are? Are the tools properly configured against the requirement?

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Measurement and Reporting

Business runs on information. Much waste will exist in measurement and reporting unless it is carefully planned. Why you are measuring something is more important than anything else and should be the starting point. How to measure it and the implementation of metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that make sense will then drive proper business management and decision making. It is commonly known:

If you can’t monitor it, you can’t measure it.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

If you can’t manage it, you can’t control it.

Training and Education 

  • Security Awareness
  • ITIL Certification Courses,
  • ITIL and ITSM Workshops
  • O365
  • SharePoint
  • One Drive
  • Collaboration

Remember the poem,
The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost?

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.