YES, this is the original CryptoLocker prevention tool you’ve read about, designed to prevent infection from the first “ransomware” threat which emerged in late 2013, encrypting valuable data on the infected PC and offering decryption in exchange for large payment.

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CryptoPrevent Features

HoneyPot Ransomware Protection
Very effective in preventing new and unknown ransomware from encrypting your files! When malicious activity is detected ALL non-essential programs are terminated, stopping malicious software dead in its tracks.
Folder Watch
Monitors and protects common folders from items that match malware definitions.
Improved: Program Filtering Protection
The original ‘BETA’ program filtering protections were very effective, but caused issues with running certain programs; now it offers vastly improved reliability as it is based on the new code platform of the coming 3rd generation ‘d7x’ PC technician utilities, it is thoroughly tested, and recommended for mass usage!
New/Improved: Expanded Malware Definitions
Expanded malware and ransomware detection definitions add cutting edge detection power to CryptoPrevent, and are updated at least weekly, although they may increase the risk of ‘false positive’ malware detections. (These are entirely optional; you may elect to keep the standard definition set with less risk of ‘false positive’ detections.)
KillEmAll v5 Integrations
Based on the new code platform of the coming 3rd generation ‘d7x’ PC technician utilities, KillEmAll v5 allows for fast termination of non-essential programs including malware and ransomware, and is integrated into the new Tray Icon along with other useful features!
New User Interface
Streamlining options and adding additional descriptions for the various functionality CryptoPrevent provides.
Tray Icon Features and Notifications
Easily change/view CryptoPrevent settings or activate the KillEmAll v5 integration. Notifications are displayed when the original SRP, Program Filtering, Folder Watch, or HoneyPot protections have been triggered.
New/Improved: Customization Abilities
Customize CryptoPrevent with powerful blacklisting/whitelisting support and in new ways including the Folder Watch protections, KillEmAll and the HoneyPot functionality.
Submit Malicious Files
This will allow you to submit malicious files (which are not in our malware definitions) to review for inclusion in the default definitions.
New Maintenance/Repair Options
Powered by d7x technology these new options provide similar and updated options the old dMaintenance Home provided built right into CryptoPrevent. Keep Windows running smoothly and optimized with the single click of a button!
Automatic Maintenance
Keep Windows running smoothly and optimized without waiting for the need that it needs to be done to be realized.
Email Alerts
Get an email notification with details when any protection has been triggered or a protective action was taken against a potentially malicious file.
New/Improved: Command Line Parameters
Customize various settings with updated and robust command line parameters. A large number of new parameters have been introduced in the latest version. Synchronize deployments and changes with ease or update systems with batch files.
New/Improved Automatic Updates Delivery
Stay up to date with the latest options and protections!

Malware Prevention

Malware and other ‘Ransomware’ protection (malware that encrypts your files for a ransom.)



Automatic Updates

Includes worry free, hands free, automatic and silent updating of application and definitions on a regular schedule.


Security Enhancement

CryptoPrevent complements traditional Anti-Virus software well, offering a wide range of additional malware protection.



CryptoPrevent Anti-Malware

CryptoPrevent supports any Windows version

CryptoPrevent is a robust anti-virus/anti-malware software supplement, filling a huge gap that exists with traditional security solutions to provide protection against a growing multitude of new and emerging ransomware and other malicious software threats.


Supported Configurations

CryptoPrevent is designed to peacefully co-exist alongside existing anti-virus and anti-malware solutions, create no detectable impact in normal system performance, demand no time for maintenance, nor require any specialized knowledge for use.

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