Cybersecurity framework is an industry specific guide that defines what good cybersecurity looks like.


Do You Have a Cybersecurity Plan?

Running a business requires much planning. Strategy, policy, goals, products, and services need to be considered regularly along with who, why and how to make it all happen.
What about your plan for protecting the continuity of your business operations?
This must include a cybersecurity plan!

Cybersecurity Plan

Cybersecurity plans are based on levels of risk and therefore consider the threats and vulnerabilities involved. The threats are what could happen. The vulnerabilities are where protection is absent or weak. Once a risk is identified, the level of risk needs to be analyzed. This enables an understanding of the probability and business impact of a cybersecurity risk should it become a reality.

Cybersecurity Solutions


A firewall sits between the end user and the open internet to regulate the flow of traffic in and out of your network.

Passwords / permissions

Strong passwords improve protection from hacking and enables the user access as intended.

Multi Factor Authentication

Added layers of identification of a user to ensure they are not an impostor.

Security Awareness Training

User actions are often the reason for security breaches. Educating users improves the prevention of such actions.

Email Filtering

Take control of what appears in your mailbox. Special configurations can prevent known threats such as phishing and malware

Web content filtering

Scanning inbound webpages for potential threats to alert the user and prevent harm to your data and environments.

DNS forwarding

Prevents unauthorized network communication back to malicious servers to mitigate threats such as ransomware and other attacks.

Antivirus & Malware prevention

Specialized software to monitor, prevent, and protect from malicious infections and potential harm.

Encryption prevention

Specialized software to monitor and protect data from being encrypted by cybercriminals and held for ransom.

Disaster Recovery

Enables the restoration of data and environments back to a known good working state in the event of a loss.

Monitoring and Alerts

Emphasizes the prevention, protection and detection of security threats. The use of a Security Operations Center (SOC) is a best practice.

Incident Response

Should a security event occur, strong Managed Threat Response (MTR) must exist to best protect the business.

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