IT Support FAQS

Are you deciding if IT Managed Support Services will be a perfect fit for your company? We have answered the top 10 IT Support FAQs about IT managed support. Click here to submit your question if we haven’t answered it below.
IT Support FAQs

Question: What happens if/when my infrastructure goes down?

AKAVEIL is there for you to service your account anytime you need us. We plan the strategies and options up front with you to protect and prevent. It’s inevitable that unforeseen circumstances many still arise. We help you plan the best fit in advance and respond as needed. Service options are recommended after conversing with you about your business. 
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Question: What services are covered under my contract, and what lies outside of it?

Excellent question. We ensure that all our customers understand their options before partnering with us. Our team will be in communication regularly until you feel comfortable and fully understand the options you select. The coverage is specific to selections made before signing to do business. 
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Question: How will you ensure that we are a part of our IT experience?

Our AKAVEIL values and service delivery model align to frequent and meaningful information, communication and human interaction. This is why you have an Account Manager as you POC. Don’t be surprised AKAVEIL will be keeping in touch. Nurturing a strong and trusted relationship with customers is essential to everyone’s success. Our mission is to Live our Values daily. 

Question: How will your services help support the growth of our business?

We have a combination of professional practices, technical experience, certifications, and strategic partnerships with our vendors. We listen and learn from you on a regular basis. As your business needs are changing through your strategic planning cycles, we will engage to assist you in making decisions for your business growth. We will also proactively come to you with ideas and options for your growth. AKAVEIL’s reporting, Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) and Account Manager touch points enable this to happen. 

Question: Will your services keep us at the forefront of technology, or will they impede us from moving forward?

Our ability to keep pace with current technologies and solutions is something you will benefit from. Not every solution works for every type of business, organization or industry. We would not recommend anything that would impede the efficiency and effectiveness of your business except to ensure the right balance between business success and security and compliance. Constraints and solutions need to be aligned to protect your business and your customers. 

Question: How often do you update, or perform maintenance on your infrastructure? Will that result in downtime for my business?

Maintenance plans are absolutely necessary. These activities are planned to have zero to minimal impact on your business. Processes for preventive maintenance are in place. Upon signing to do business we will discuss your best change window for planned downtime. Only under times of emergency situations would there be the potential of impact to your normal operations (I.e. a Major Incident). 

Question: Where is your helpdesk located, and what is coverage like?

Primarily in the greater NYC area. We transact business across the globe and most of our services can be delivered remotely. Where hands on site visits are required our staff is geographically based or we partner with vetted individuals to address that need.  
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Question: What are your data ownership terms?

Your company and customer data belong to you.  Backups for example, of your company files are encrypted. We only house data pertinent to our work with you and secure it appropriately. (I.e your employee’s contact information, your site locations, credentials to access your systems, data about your technologies may be stored by us in our ERP system).  
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Question: What is your team like?

Our culture is to be helpful and enjoy our work. Staff find their work to be meaningful and fulfilling, so we are generally happy and motivated individuals who work together as a high performing team. In other words, we care about each other and equally about you. 

Question: What sets you apart from other Managed Services Providers?

Have you read our AKAVEIL values?  We mean them! Our mission is to Live our Values daily. We aren’t kidding about that. Let’s look at our tri-fold now and read them together. We wrote our Vision, Mission and Values before we wrote our service catalog. You come first, the right solution for the right reason to serve you best is what we care about. 
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