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Use Microsoft PowerPoint to Create MP4 from Slide Show

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular software for creating slide presentations. Whether for business, career, family, community events or just for fun, it’s easy to create a simple slide deck with PowerPoint. As a few examples, business relies heavily on presentations for marketing, sales, projects, meetings, collaboration, and trainings. Many users have mastered and take advantage of the rich features in Microsoft PowerPoint to ensure presentations are professional, interesting and wow the audience. But did you know you could kick it up a notch and add voice, video, annotations to those slides by using only the microphone and video camera on your computer? You can also export the content and render it into a video format (MP4) right from your Microsoft PowerPoint creation.

Launch your Microsoft PowerPoint Application

1 – Open an already prepared slide deck.

2 – From the Microsoft PowerPoint main title bar select Slide Show > Record Slide Show (Note: older versions of PowerPoint may not have this feature).

3 – The screen will now be black with your slide deck in the middle and various options across the top and bottom of the screen as pictured here.

Top of screen above the slides:

Powerpoint Top

Bottom of screen below the slides:

Powerpoint Bottom

4 – Use the Settings option in the upper right to select your video and audio devices.

5 – Use the lower right to toggle on/off Preview, Microphone and Camera

7 – To view (read) your slide notes while recording, click Notes in the upper center tool bar. (The notes will not appear in the recorded slide show).

6 – When ready to record click the Solid Red Dot in the upper left. You have the option to start on the slide you are on or start from the beginning. Therefore, move to any slide where you want to start and click the record from there. There is a number count down before the recording begins.

8 – Both the audio and video record together, if you prefer to have the video not appear on a certain slide, you can toggle it off and just the voice will record.

9 – To start over if you make a mistake use the clear button. Each slide has its own recording associated, so you don’t have to start from the beginning, you can just redo that slide.

10 – To annotate slides while speaking, use the drawing tools and color pallet on the bottom menu.

11 – Use the Pause, Stop, Restart or Clear buttons until you achieve the best recording for that slide.

12 – Advance to the next slide as usual or with the arrow on the right of the screen. You can just keep the recording running for natural timing between slides or stop and restart – whatever your preference.

13 – The lower left shows the elapsed recording time for current slide and in total recorded thus far.

14 – ESC to return to the main PowerPoint screen. Remember to Save as you wish.

15 – Run the Slide Show as usual to review your work.

16 – Edit each slide to move or resize the video to a different position: Click on the video, use the handles on the image to drag or resize.

17 – The slide show can remain as is and be shared and used in its current format.

18 – To render the entire PowerPoint into a video select File > Export > Create a Video > select options from the lists that you prefer. Click on Create Video Button

19 – The rendering process may take a few minutes depending on the size. Once saved in MP4 you can run it, upload, share or edit it further in other movie editing software.

The Bottom Line

The above are the basics to get you started with multi-media Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and movie exports by only using your current computer equipment. Increase your knowledge and utilization of the software you already own! Be more productive, save time, and wow your audiences. Although a movie from a slide show may not be the best bet for every multi-media presentation, it also just might be exactly what you need.

The quality of your microphone, speaking voice, video camera, background and a quiet space may also be other considerations. With a little bit of practice, you could be sharing some amazing slide shows or movies with colleagues, your boss, clients and even online very soon!

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